My Mission

Steph Guerra is a science policy fellow with the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine (CWSEM) at the National Academies. Her work focuses on increasing diversity and inclusion across the scientific enterprise. Some of her projects include research to improve the tenure and promotion process for women and underrepresented groups, work to increase the representation of women in entrepreneurial leadership positions, and community engagement to address and prevent sexual harassment in STEM.

Steph received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. Her thesis work focused on the development of novel targeted treatments for lung cancer patients though her scientific expertise extends to precision medicines across all solid tumors. Outside of her lab work, Steph spent much of her time at Harvard as the co-director of Science in the News, a science outreach group that bridges the gap between scientists and non-scientists by training over 250 graduate students each year in science communication. One of her greatest accomplishments in graduate school was the organization of a daylong biomedical science conference aimed at the public, an event that attracts over one hundred attendees annually that is now entering its fifth year.

Steph enjoys working to drive innovation that exerts positive impact equitably across society and will devote her career to this endeavor.

Ph.D., Harvard University 

Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Cancer Biology) 

Certificate in Science Communication 

Certificate in Science Policy

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow 

B.S., Carnegie Mellon University 

Biological Sciences (Developmental Biology)

B.A., Carnegie Mellon University 

Hispanic Studies

Science is a lever to move the country forward on multiple fronts
— Dr. Jim Gates

What I've Achieved AWAY FROM THE BENCH

  • Co-director of Harvard's Science in the News

  • Founder of SITN's DayCon event

  • Organized social events for the Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy

  • Written articles aimed at the public on scientific topics

  • Courses at HLS, HBS, and HSPH

  • Organizer of National AAAS meeting workshop

  • Mentored fellow graduate students in #scicomm and #scipol

  • Earned certificates in Science Communication and Science Policy